My Chinese Lyrics

Welcome!! :)

This site is where I'll be posting some lyrics for various Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwanese) songs.  I arrange it so the lyrics include the characters, pinyin, and English translation, for the easiest understanding.  I do not claim credit for all of these lyrics-- some I have found from the internet, arranged together, or edited slightly.  Some of these are done myself, though.

 If you have any comments, problems, song requests, questions, or suggestions, feel free to write so in the Guestbook.

 Please enjoy these as I have~ ^_^


-Andi <3


Okay, it's been a really long time.  I haven't had the time to even log on and check for messages or anything.  Totally sorry, people.  I'm trudging through the roughest year of my educational life so far :D

Looking at my previous -notice-, I realize that I never really finished putting up the Table o' Contents.  I make no promises, I'm not sure when I can get it up there.  I have received some feedback recently, and it seems like everyone likes the selection I have here already.  A shout out to some of my dedicated listeners :)

Thanks for your patience, everyone,

Andy <3



I am so sorry, everyone, but I've been extremely busy with schoolwork and other things.  Please forgive me and be patient as I work on the promised Table of Contents and some new songs.

Thanks everyone,

Andi <3


*Hope everyone had a nice new years! And coming to celebrate Chinese new year!*


Unfortunately, Webs only allows 20 pages on one site.  I have more than 20 songs I want to post (;P).  So I will have my favorite or newest songs posted.  I'll have to post only 17 songs at a time, because I'm going to put in a page for a list of what songs I do have, like a Table of [possible] Contents of sorts.  You can look through the Table of [possible] Contents and if you want one posted that is not currently, please feel free to say so in the Guestbook, and I'll try to please all requests~! Thanks!!

~Andi <3