My Chinese Lyrics


This page lists all of the songs+lyrics I have.  Not all of them can be posted here, but if you want to see one of these on here, please leave a comment on the Guestbook.

Also leave a comment if you want to see even an entirely new song on this site.

Thank you and Enjoy!!!

  1. Wo Bu Pei (I'm Not Worthy)- Jay Chou
  2. Wo Men De Ai (Our Love)- F.I.R
  3. Long Juan Feng (Tornado)- Jay Chou
  4. Ku Cha (Bitter Tea)- Bang Bang Tang + Hei Se Hui Mei Mei
  5. Xia Yi Ge Tian Liang (After Sunrise)- Claire Kuo
  6. Dong Le (Understood)- Tank
  7. Ban Dao Tie He- Jay Chou
  8. Qi Li Xiang- Jay Chou
  9. Jian Dan Ai- Jay Chou